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        Paintless Dent Repair

        What is paintless dent repair?

        Using tools and techniques fabricated for dent removal, our international expert pdr technician is able to repair dents from almost any
        body panel of a vehicle. The pdr technique removes the need for costly auto body repairs like sanding, filling and repainting.

        Protect your investment

        Vehicles with original paint maintain a higher resale value than those that were partially or completely repainted. Paintless dent repair
        allows you to maintain the value of your vehicle by eliminating the need to repaint it during the repair process.

        Hail damage, door dings, and everything in-between

        Whether the dent(s) is caused by a hail storm, runaway shopping cart, or rogue basketball, we can eliminate almost any dent without
        compromising the integrity of your vehicle with paintless dent repair.

        We specialize in:

        • Hail damage
        • Door dings
        • Most dents not previously mentioned

     Windshield Repair

        Chips, nicks, and minor cracks

        Repairing a windshield early can prevent the damage from spreading and causing the need for a windshield replacement. The repair
        also restores the structural integrity of your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) windshield, aids in preventing the damage from
        spreading, and makes the blemish less noticeable without removing/replacing the glass.

        Benefits of windshield repair

        • Protects the integrity of your vehicle and its original windshield
        • Saves money on windshield replacement
        • Quickly restores your windshield to safe driving condition

        Common windshield repairs

        • Rock chips
        • Nicks from outdoor elements
        • Minor cracks (up to 6 inches)

    Headlight Restoration

        For Yellow, cloudy or foggy headlights

        Headlight Restoration will improve the look of your car plus increase the safety. We made it easy for you to restore your oxidized,
        cloudy headlights to look like new. Simply give us a call to set up an appointment and we will come to you. We will restore those
        same ugly looking yellow headlights crystal clear.

        Benefits of headlight restoration

        • Safety - Increase the safety of your vehicle because you will have increased light projection so you can see better while driving
           at night.
        • Appearance - Improve the appearance of your vehicle because your headlights will look crystal clear.
        • Savings - You will save money by restoring your headlights. New replacement headlights can cost from $150 to $1700 each.


paintless dent repair windshield repair headlight restoration